Unique Swap protocol
with layer 2 scaling on Polkadot Chain

You can expect super fast and low cost network fees when using Kwikswap Protocol.

What is Kwikswap?

Kwikswap is a decentralised protocol built on the Ethereum Network.  Kwikswap is the first multi-chain DEX on Shiden and Reef Chain.   Future iterations will also see Kwikswap DEX developed on Polygon, Acala Network and Polkadot.

Much like Uniswap, Kwikswap enables developers to build on its API’s and dApp UI and source code which can assist in extending the reach of the protocol.

Kwikswap allows the creation of token markets, web 3.0 wallet connectivity, no requirement for KYC and features layer 2 scaling.  You always control your funds for a completely decentralized experience!

KwikSwap DApp APPS

Kwikswap decentralized exchange features edgy Neo-Tokyo styled User Interface and an unparalleled cross-chain user experience.

Kwikstarter IDO Launchpad and Kwikswap DEX are the one-stop shop that new projects and start-ups and traders need in a completely new cross-chain ecosystem!

Kwikswap is designed in a similar style to other Swap DEX UI’s to facilitate the fastest adoption.

Kwikswap is developed on its own source code and has been written from beginning to end internally here at Kwikswap. It is an automated token exchange (AMM) on Ethereum Network and features:

      • Non-custodial wallet integration via web3
      • Market creation abilities to all end users
      • Anyone can add liquidity and share in fees
      • Staking rewards for holders of KWIK token
      • Super Fast transactions on the way and reduced fees


What can you expect from Kwikstarter IDO Launchpad?

Kwikstarter is a vessel which allows for start-ups projects the ability to raise funds via LP’s. It also leverages off the Kwikswap audience to keep on supporting this projects through to Market Creation. The project onboarding workflow will be automated in future iterations to allow for Kwik Token holders to play an important role in fielding the right projects to launch on the Kwikstarter Launchpad. We believe that this unique feature is a real key difference that sets us apart from other launchpads out there in the Crypto-sphere.

      • Benefits for KWIK token staking
      • Onboarding experience like no other for projects and assist in the nurturing stages of their listing and continue to offer that support mechanism through to market creation on Kwikswap DEX.

KwikSwap News NEWS

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  • KWIK
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