How to participate and stake in Kwikstarter IDO launchpad

Step 1– Do you have KWIK BEP-20 Tokens?

Yes- Go to Step 3

No- Go to Step 2

Step 2. There are two ways you can swap or obtain KWIK BEP-20 Tokens

Option 1 – Use the below link to migrate your KWIK ERC-20 to KWIK BEP-20

Cross chain bridge for ERC-20-BEP-20

Part 1- Import token — Paste KWIK ERC-20 Contract


Part 2- Fill out the details below.

Now you can ‘add token’ so you can see your KWIK BEP-20 Tokens in your wallet:

BEP-20 Token Contract Address: 0x20Ba4C166EdC1422164dF84cd9192fDd8ddE122f

Option 2 –

KWIK can also be purchased on Pancakeswap DEX:

— — — — — –


Step 3– Go to

Step 4- Click on Connect Wallet in the top right corner.

Step 3- Choose wallet connection ( BSC network only)

Step 4 –Select Tier level and click on “ Stake now”

Step 5 -We will now see you available tokens to Stake. Click and tick I have read the T&Cs and approve

Step 6– Confirm Transaction fee.

Step 7– Click Stake ( Please Note, Staking is locked for 30 days)

Congratulations! You have successfully staked your KWIKSWAP Tokens on Kwikstarter, now you can participate as per your contributor tier level in Kwikstarter IDO Projects that launch and also earn 12% APY in $KWIK Tokens.