Layer 2 Protocol is the New Wave of Decentralized and users can enjoy many features without any problem. There are many Layer 2 Solutions available but we have chosen to work with Polkadot Parachains.

This is because we believe Polkadot Parachain has a lot of potential for the upcoming market. The KWIKSWAP Team has already started work with PLASM As Layer 2 Solution and the KWIKSWAP Dev team is working closely with the brilliant Plasm Core team lead by Sota Watanabe. We’re testing and implementing PLASM, however PLASM Network is currently upgrading due to New Version of Substrate being released.

Alternatively, We are planning to work with ACALA Parachain for Deployment. Users will be able to user their Ethereum Wallet address as a Polkadot Wallet. Users will be required to bind their wallet address to a Substrate wallet address. This will allow them to easily transfer cross-chain funds and resources efficiently.

We will Test & Deploy our DEX on PLASM & ACALA Network, where users can enjoy many additional features like Staking, Voting, Stable Coins & much more on the cards.

The KWIKSWAP Team is working hard to make a testnet release as soon as possible.

As the KWIKSWAP Team is currently working intensively on Layer 2, Here are the some updates for our Community:

  • KWIKSWAP is currently fully operational on Ethereum Mainnet with complete functionality and all systems are go and working perfectly.

We are super excited to bring you these updates and hope you were just as excited to read about them 😉