Kwikswap Protocol KWIK Token Vesting Announcement

We will are implementing the following vesting rules for all ‘public sale’ token holders to align with Seed and Strategic / VC token holders vesting rules. They are 15% token unlock on TGE, 7 day cliff, then daily unlock for 90 days through our ERC-20 self-serve interface. (BEP-20 is coming soon)

We have implemented this as it is the best practice strategy for going to market and cleaner price discovery. We are of a sincere belief that this will provide the best outcome given that only 15% of KWIK tokens will be available at TGE, thus providing a more attractive low initial market cap and a more sustainable KWIK market moving forward.

KWIK token vesting update: With substantial importance and consideration in creating a healthy market and ecosystem we will be amending the rules of our vesting as it will be better for the community, investors and our partners. The vesting periods that will come into place immediately 10-05-21 UTC 12PM + 10 are as followed:

Vesting periods (measured from TGE 21/05/21)

All public token holders : 15% unlock on TGE, 7 day cliff, then daily unlock for 90 days

Bonus Tokens – 3 month cliff then 12.5% unlocks quarterly for 2 years.

KWIK Project Team tokens – 3-month cliff (90 days), then 12.5% quarterly for 2 years. (We originally had 6 months cliff 50%, then a further 6 months cliff and the balance of 50%).

If you do not wish to agree to these terms, we are prepared to offer to buy back tokens at purchased rate (only valid until 18/05/2021).